Manses and Demesnes

Beya’s Island Manse

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The Black Manse of the Bone Forest (Bone 2)

This manse once capped a Bone-aspected demesne in the Shadowlands surrounding the Isle of Horrors near Skolis Island. It has since been destroyed, and now only wild bone-trees mark the location of the demesne. As the Shadowlands recede, the demesne is losing power little by little. It may turn into a demesne of Creation, given time.

Petraya Peak (Air 3)

The peak of the tall mountain on Petraya holds an Air-Aspected demesne, a “fueling stop” of sorts for air elementals. It is visited by the Air Dragon Rudra as it passes through the region, and strong winds whip about it constantly, making the mountain very difficult to climb, particularly when an elemental inhabits the demesne. The demesne is uncapped, and the top of the mountain is simply bare, relatively flat rock, with little grooves carved into the mountain to direct the flow of Air Essence.

The Manse of Suman Tzung (???)

This manse was once the home of the legendary sorcerer Suman Tzung, favored apprentice of Silur.

Manses and Demesnes

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