First Age Incarnation Information

This is a place to note down details about First Age Incarnations, as that information becomes available.

Beya Tsufit:

A man stands on a Mountain before a conclave of Dragons, speaking with bitter tongue and cutting words. They call him the Key to Hell. Runes and sigils float about him, binding the five in accordance to his will. The Usurpers are ascending the mountains, as he knew they would, buffeted and held back by flame and storm. The Dark Dragon’s whispers have returned in his mind, but that’s all right – he will only be alive for as long he needs to be. The Dragons roar and trash against their bonds as he gives his order. They cannot refuse, bound by oath and debt. The runes fade and they fall upon him, tears him apart and scatters his essence over creation. He smiles at the hateful curses whispered in his soul. This way, Ree will be free.

Beya’s previous incarnation was:

  • Named Beothar.
  • Male, but mutated.
  • A Silurian sorcerer of unparalleled power, capable of geomantic feats comparable to the greatest of elementals.
  • Also a superior craftsman, often foregoing materials to manipulate essence itself into tools of wonder and fearsome weapons.
  • Of supreme conviction and willpower, but with most lessons on compassion scoured from him.
  • A consummate loner, apolitical and unliked. He kept only a small cabal, none of which were solars.
  • A private war with a great enemy forced him into many great sacrifices (explaining his puissance in sorcery).
  • His anima was the outline of dragon’s wings made from green fire and occult symbols.

Lin Kuei:
A woman stands before a raging storm and seems to be shouting at it with a stern and commanding voice, but it is impossible to make out what she is saying. The harsh winds and churning clouds heave and roil for some time, but then… the storm seems to calm down and and recede, leaving the skies colored an embarrassed mix of purple and pink. The woman places her hands on her hips and gives the skies a long, peircing look and then gives a satisfied nod to herself.

Lin’s previous incarnation was

  • female
  • ordered gods and elementals around and organized …stuff
  • involved in organizing Creation’s elementals to follow the calendar, so that the seasons follow each other in an ordely fashion
  • had knowledge of and was at the very least a follower of the Silurian school of sorcery. The Silurian philosophy regarding sorcery is that sorcery is basically an act of using your willpower and the correct language, words and syntax to shape reality. They theorize that it was through the correct words, grammar and the will to back it up that the primordials created Creation in the first place. These sorcerers tend to see everything in terms of symbols and communication: map and territory, call and response, rhetoric and games.
  • worked in the terrestrial bureau, regulating the use of the essence flows of Creations Dragon Lines

First Age Incarnation Information

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