Cast of Characters

The Player Characters:

Beya Tsufit
Lin Kuei

The Daiklave Crew:


Hurricane, the Captain. Chosen of Battles.
Prismatic Pearl, the Sorceress. No Moon Lunar and adviser to Hurricane.
Dr. An Daojian, mostly known as the Doctor. Wood Aspect of high breeding and Immaculate training.
Natala, the Windblade Djala. Air Aspected scout and thrill-seeker.
Amphiro, the handsome swimmer. Water Aspect and underwater scout, also sometime repairman.


Shareek, the First Mate. Demon-blooded, menacing and intimidating.
Bright Jewel of Joy, the Lookout. Fey-Blooded and resident poet.
Spike, the Chef. Dragon King of the Anklok variety. Specialty: Burning things.
Morul, the Gunner and Engineer. Jadeborn woman bound into serving Hurricane.
Hack Hawthorne, the Old Man. Mortal, knows most of the crew very well.
Coran of Coral, the Heroic Mortal. Served under Captain Hastoro for many years.

Enemies and Allies:

Fallen Wolf of the Cutting Sea, the Renegade Abyssal.
Unspoken Promise, the enigmatic Raksha.
The Silver Prince, ruler of Skullstone and servant of the Neverborn.
Rudra, the Air Dragon. Mysterious, forgetful elemental spirit.
Tiana, Demon-Blooded sorceress of Petraya.
Yasimbo, hidebound old man and chieftain of Petraya.
Tinra, Yasimbo’s first wife.
Exquisite Flower of Carnage, sadomasochistic Abyssal. Deceased.
Blind Eyes of Hunger, insane casteless Lunar. Deceased.

Cast of Characters

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