The Daiklave

A massive magical three-master


The Daiklave is a magical golden barque from Heaven’s own docks, and possesses innumerable strange powers. There are certainly many more to be discovered yet, but the ship is known to at least possess enough magical amenities to put a fine manse to shame, and also heavy Essence artillery rivaling that of the finest flagships of the Realm. It’s moderately fast, but being a heavy warship its greatest strength lies not in its speed.

Perhaps the most unique ability of the Daiklave is its cloaking field, dubbed the Fate And Relative Dimension In Creation, or FARDIC. This unique ability lets the Daiklave conceal itself as but a small trading vessel or other inconspicuous ship, so long as it remains within Creation and doesn’t enter a Shadowland or the Wyld.


The backstory of the Daiklave remains a mystery. It is known, however, that it has has Exalted inhabitants before, given how there are rooms meant for Exalted occupants. Lin Kuei currently lives in such quarters.

The Daiklave

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