Prismatic Pearl

The Lunar sorceress and Hurricane's adviser.


Pearl is a seasnake-totem Lunar and accomplished sorceress. She has access to the Deadly Beastman Transformation and usually fights unarmed, relying on Lunar Hero Style and Lunar Strength Charms. She is a No Moon who favors Strength. Pearl is almost exactly one hundred years old.


Pearl originated in An-Teng, and has spoken only very little of her past. She met Spike in the jungles of An-Teng, and they knew each other before they were recruited for the Daiklave.

Pearl takes great pride in being well-dressed and hates having her clothes stained or torn, which happens much more often than she’d prefer. She usually wears silk dresses of a Tengese cut, and seems to have an extensive wardrobe.

Prismatic Pearl

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