The confident captain of the Daiklave


Captain Hurricane is Chosen of Battles, and seems to take the role of leader naturally upon himself. However, his enigmatic behavior means one can never be quite sure whether or not he knows what he’s doing. It’s known that his skills include an ability to coordinate dozens of men on the fly, and to direct the Daiklave’s progress merely by waving his sword, forged out of the little god of the ship.


Hurricane is a handsome, blue-haired man, perpetually shirtless and dressed in red. Like all Chosen of Battles, his irises are stained red like blood, and he can look quite menacing in combat. He escaped from Heaven because he was tired of the quarrel going on there, and now seeks to direct the Daiklave to help the crew do as much good as possible in Creation.

Hurricane disappeared into thin air after having been mortally wounded in the Battle of Petraya. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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