The Daiklave Brigade

Part I: Well Met In Wavecrest

The Solar Exalted are recruited, and save the city of Starfall

Hurricane rescued Beya from her island, and then sailed to meet Lin Kuei in Starfall in the Wavecrest Archipelago. They were both recruited for the crew of the Daiklave, and Hurricane instructed them, that the purpose of this crew was to perform great deeds of heroism through the West, to counteract all the chaos spreading through the Direction. Lin Kuei immediately made himself at home in one of the finer cabins, whereas Beya contended herself with stealing honey from the galley and sleeping wherever there weren’t people.

Starfall, they were told, was facing some dire immediate threat that Hurricane, unfortunately, was unable to pinpoint the exact nature of. Asking around, however, they learned of a beast of some kind in the jungle. They investigated, slaying a crablike hobgoblin in the forest and later finding a cave filled with wyld-mutated lampreys at the foot of the volcano Venestoro. Despite taking wounds, they pressed on and found a nest of hobgoblins, led by a crabman servant who claimed to be the servant of the raksha Azure Veil. This raksha was supposedly working together with a corrupt water-aspected Dragon-Blood in Starfall. With the aid of a local shaman, they called the attention of the volcano god, but unfortunately only succeeded in making him angry.

With the volcano threatening to explode, they rushed to find the dragon-blood, Sesus Palimo. He rode to the top of the mountain, where he sacrificed a local mortal to calm it down. Meanwhile, Beija spoke to the volcano, and managed to calm it down somewhat with the promise that the raksha would be caught.

Lin Kuei lured Sesus Palimo down into the cave where the right-hand man of the raksha dwelt, where Palimo attempted to murder him for having found out about the plot. Beya and Prismatic Pearl weren’t far behind though, and instead a free-for-all melee broke out between solar, lunar, dragon-blood and mutant, ending with the crabman and Palimo perished in the fight. Before he died, however, they learned that Palimo kept a conch which could be blown to draw the attention of the raksha. Beya kept Palimo’s black jade wavecleaver as a trophy, attuning to it to bring it out of the cave.

Returning to their ship, they sent a Dragon-Blood loyal to Hurricane – Natala, the Djala Windblade expert – to retrieve Palimos’ conch from his own ship, with the plan to draw out the Raksha at a safe distance and fire upon her using the essence artillery of the Daiklave. But first, both Lin Kuei and Hurricane felt that they had unfinished business with the belligerent volcano god of Venestoro. Boldly striding up the mountain, they called the god out and demanded he reigned in his arrogance and started acting properly as Starfall’s protector and patron. Taking umbrage to being ordered about, Venestoro initiated combat, striking out with fists and magma. After a quick but fierce battle, leaving most of the Exalted (especially Beya) heavily burnt, the god had to yield to Hurricane’s supreme swordsmanship, Beya’s swift slashes and Lin Kuei’s stone-shattering fists. Lin Kuei extorted a pact from the god, making him promise to do right by the mortal residents and sealing it with his anima.

The trio returned to the ship to recover and set out for the open sea, already planning their next move.


It’d be nice if everyone could edit the Adventure Log. That way, you could add tidbits that the main writer couldn’t be bothered to add, or perhaps a motivation for a character’s action that went unspoken in play. Or something… I think it’d make the log more nuanced and detailed, and take some effort off Rik. Just a though, I don’t know if it’s possible.

Part I: Well Met In Wavecrest


Part I: Well Met In Wavecrest
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